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A man who while very acomplished as a biologist has become a troll who confuses opinions with facts and likes to input his personal philosophy into scientific knowledge.

Dawkins also has a cult following of militant fanboys who dream about him on the internet and this will become apperant when you see the thumbs down on my definition
And if you fucking fanboys don't like my definition of your dear idol richard dawkins I got two words for you.


by Chickenwing21 May 16, 2007
The most magical place in your house.I sleep eat and watch tv in my bed.14 year olds sometimes use it to hide nuddy magazines under the matrass.
I love going to bed and sleeping.
by Chickenwing21 October 04, 2006
Cool website.There are dead kids boiled old men and morbid humor.
Did you see that picture of the asian dude eating a fetus!HaHa I love rotton.com
by Chickenwing21 October 04, 2006
Not ethnicity or sexual terms.It's milk from soy.good replacement if you are grossed out milk coming from a cow's boob.Has as much calcium as regular milk.
Soy milk taste,s better than cow milk.
by Chickenwing21 September 30, 2006
Is the shit.They rule.
Truly evil metal.Hail dark funeral!
by Chickenwing21 September 24, 2006
the sun conure is a type of parrot that is very small but probably loudest bird in existance!About 15 inches long it's colors are orange,yellow,green,and it's tail is sometimes blue at the end.Very demanding of attention.Mine eats seeds,fruits,nuts,and vegetables.Very cool birds if you have the time and patience to play with him/her.They live about 25+ years.They are very friendly if tame.
Sun conures rule!but when they bite your finger you will shit your pants!
by Chickenwing21 September 24, 2006
United negro college fund.
Me:Hi I would like to enlist in U.N.C.F please:)

Black receptionist:Im sorry this is for black people only.Your mexican not black:(

Me:Aww now I know how your race felt back in the old days:(
by Chickenwing21 October 17, 2006

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