Also known as the elcetric city. An extremly non diverse town in Montana full of crappy rundown casinos. A place where big business is nonexistent but trout is abundant. Includes more than your daily recommended ammount of cool cowboys and small minded pricks.
If by great they meant shitty then Great Falls is the greatest.
by girl X October 14, 2003
Great Falls,Montana. Sure, its no Bozeman or Missoula when it comes to college towns, but we make it up with beer drinking and heart sinking.....How about that, Lash Laroux? Can you keep your spurs from jingling and jangling?
The only city in the US where drunk driving is an extreme sport!
by Matty July 09, 2004
Great Falls, Virginia is a town where poor people in Herndon are jealous they didn't get to grow up. However there are a bunch of douches there so it isnt that cool.
1: "I just went to Great Falls"
2: "I heard that place was really rich"
1: "Yea, but there are a bunch of douchebags there"
by JKBro November 19, 2010
1. The single weirdest place to live on Earth, or at least in Fairfax County. 2. the place with the most trees on Earth. 3. A town full of nothing but nouveau-riche snobs and yuppies who constantly bitch about everything and ruin my life by making sure nothing cool EVER happens in Great Falls.
Person 1: I hate living in Great Falls
Person 2: As do I
by booger August 17, 2003
A place where i live and hate. it is the hell hole of the earth. but hey at least its got some of meh peeps here. and awesome local bands like the diogenes. rock on.
great falls = gayage
by NeverDeath_VMK October 01, 2004
Home of the "KING OF MONTANA"..Yes the town sucks but there are kool peeps there.
"HEY ! King of Montana who hangs out on resides in GREAT FALLS."
by Herb October 23, 2003
small town in Virginia. The most boring place in the world. Well, one of them. GET FAR AWAY! Rich snobs and wayy to many forests. Bored just thinking about it!
I am so glad i moved away from great falls!
by Torie March 27, 2005
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