a male with an ego too big for his underdeveloped brain. this male never realises his negitive impact on the female kind. He will rarely ever realise how emotionally hurtful he is to the opposite sex. can be associated with any boy/man within the ages 14-18.
the guys in most middle schools are called grease by the girls.
by itvibrates June 21, 2004
1. noun: THE word.
2. A musical that was made into a 1979 movie with John Travolta.
"Grease Lightenin', go Greased Lightenin'!"
by DC February 28, 2005
To do something that is completly unintentional but helps the person in a big way. To get completely lucky.
Two people are playing ping pong and one of the players hits the ball and it grazes the table so that it is unhitable. The opposing player would then respond. "That was so grease."
by Steven June 14, 2004
Grease is when a girl's vagina produces more than enough lubrication during sex
Man I fucked Kayla and her shit grease
by Crazyizcrazy August 05, 2011
an all purpose cuss word, in combination with other words
Aww go grease yourself, greasing greasehole
by dannyshamas December 01, 2010
a word that means to do or wish something negative upon a person (mostly used in MoCo MD)
That boy knocked that boys lunch on the floor!
Thats so grease!
by GCMC23 September 09, 2008
another slang term for crystal meth. because of the greasy form it takes when you melt it down in a pipe, light bulb, whatever you use...
smoking grease, or, getting greasy (getting high on crystal) me and sarah got greasy as fuck last night im still spun
by James DuBeau March 03, 2005
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