(noun) A word used to express that something bogus or unfair has happened.

Used mainly in Chicago
Grease! (sounds like: greeease)...His wife left him when he lost his job

Person 1: I left before he finished talking
Person 2: That's grease
by John Claude di Ronaldi March 24, 2012
on the east coast this mean good pussy, wet just great in general. that good good so they say.
"Damn baby you got that grease" or
" Yo I heard shorty got that grease, im tryna beat that!"
by lil mama get right August 07, 2009
Is when something really fucked up is said or happened. Some thing Foul or Messed up.
1.Gutta: Yo Jiggz you have a small dick
Cobra: Greaseeeeeeee. Damn GUtta you fucked up
JIggz: FUck you, you fat fuck.
Cobra: Grease

2. Jiggz: Dan Dan get a life sucka

Cobra: GRease
by Cobra123 September 03, 2009
when some one has not washed their hair in a while.
yo man ben and his girl friend are grease
by thedust December 02, 2010
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