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One who hovers on forums, blogs, post websites, etc. They are very well known on funnyjunk due to the fact that they can post many times in a few minutes. They spell the name wrong, not for irony, just to make the other people who spelt the word wrong feel dumber. Even if you post n00b, txt, or any other obscene way: They will correct you. They all co-encide under "one" leader, Grammar Hitler, but it's really just random people who say they're Grammar Hitler.
hell2one: That guy got PWND!
Grammer Nazi: It's Pwned you idiot
by fuck you112233 September 24, 2009
9 30
Isn't it ironic that this term is spelled incorrectly?
Society has really degenerated...
by cubicle October 10, 2004
451 27
Someone who takes every opportunity to correct someone on their grammar, even though they themselves don't know how to spell "grammar." See also hypocrite.
Impostor: Hey guys, don't you know the difference between your and you're? I'm such a grammer nazi.

Sane guy: Wow, you have no idea how stupid you sound.
by stanleyhudsonftw April 10, 2009
97 30
A wannabe Grammar Nazi who uses incorrect grammar but fails to see the error in his/her own typing, yet always criticizes others' grammar errors. They can be characterized by the idiom: Pot calling the kettle black.
im a grammer nazi
by RealGrammarNazi May 18, 2010
60 12
Those people whose greatest thrill in life is pointing out that the correct spelling is, in fact, grammar nazis.
I prefer the term Grammar Mongol, myself. Nazi is a little cliché these days.
by Lady Chevalier July 27, 2005
29 11
*grammar *Nazi
Person- "Fuck off grammer nazi!"
Me- "*grammar *Nazi"
by jmann578 September 30, 2013
3 0
Look also "dickhead" When someone on a certain forum or website corrects the stupidest little mistakes to make them feel like a big man.
There car is cool

You idiot, it's "their."

Its not time yet.

Learn to SPEAK! -It's, NOT its.
by Kevin9 July 09, 2005
4 25