People who forget that it's the comments section of a website on the Internet and not a school exam, Job application letter, or other type of formal document.

An attempt to gain back some ground when one is losing face on a forum.

A very similar term is Spelling nazi, one who does the same but srutinizes people for bad spelling. Or a mixture of both, spelling and grammar nazi.

Synonyms include Grammar police, GrammarCops,
'You grammar is astrocious'....Wow like I just wrote a paragraph and you're flagging me for bad grammar. Talk about completely missing the point, Grammar Nazi.
by Goth Doll May 25, 2014
A grammar nazi is someone who does not have a life and only corrects your grammar. For example Jan havi.
Jan havi is such a grammar nazi!
by xX__Derp__Xx February 07, 2015
Someone with both a greater standard of all aspects of grammar (than most people) and the willingness to uphold said standards in all that (s)he says and writes, including but not limited to speaking in casual conversation and typing on the internet. Grammar Nazis are not constrained to the internet.

Zealous Grammar Nazis are also known to correct the grammar of other people when they feel the need to, although the act of correcting grammar does not necessarily denote someone as a Grammar Nazi. Someone who indulges in pointlessly correcting people, particularly nitpicking trivial mistakes, is more often a Grammar Troll. That's something else entirely.

True members of the Grammar Nazi Party will politely correct other people in a manner that does not shame the recipient and is always of mistakes that either change the meaning of the statement or are apparent that the recipient is ignorant of. Misuse of the apostrophe in "it's" and "its" and the misuse of homophones, however, are often corrected even if they do not apply to aforementioned standards.

As it has been mentioned that Grammar Nazis are not constrained to the internet, it should also be noted that Grammar Nazis interact in all languages that have codified rules of grammar (i.e. all official world languages). Some fictional languages, such as Klingon (Star Trek) and the Ancient Language (The Inheritance Cycle) are also included.
We Grammar Nazis take our languages, and thus their grammars, very seriously.
by tkdrocker806 December 26, 2014
Someone who is so educated, they are so inclined to pick out every damn grammatical mistake you make in common conversation, texting, and websites. They make you feel uneducated. Just like Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, they want to control every facet of your grammar and sentence structure. They say "Oh, I'm just trying to help you through constructive criticism.", when they obviously are just calling out mistakes for personal gain.
Teenage Girl: "Oh my ged sharon, i was at the mall the other day and i bumped into sharyl!"
Grammar Nazi: "You misspelled god, didn't capitalize 2 names, and didn't capitalize 2 'I's."
Teenage Girl: "stupid grammer Nazi"
Grammar Nazi: "You misspelled grammar, and didn't capitalize the word beginning the sentence."
Teenage Girl: *clicks out of chatroom because Grammar Nazi won't stop his shit*
by somedude149 April 12, 2014
Usually a pompous arrogent person who uses a screen name such as "sumfacts" or the like, and resorts to grammar correcting when losing a debate in an online forum.
Why are you always correcting everyones post are you the "grammar nazi"?
by TwoSpirit August 20, 2007
N. A person who hates false grammar.

adj. The act of repeatedly correcting another person's grammar.
Hippie: 'Dude, that party was the funnest'
Grammar Nazi: 'You mean: Dude, that party was the most fun.'
by The Friendly Nazi June 02, 2014
Someone that points out the most slightest grammar or spelling mistake. The most innocent of people can briefly turn into something so low called a grammar nazi. They evolve when insecurity in heated arguments arise when a fault with one of the opponents spelling or grammar must be pointed out as an utter write-off excuse. A grammar comeback isn't a diss or even an ownage on any sort of level to begin with despite how well placed it could be. It's one of the worst cop out excuses of a finish/settlement driven by people that make it even more pathetic when "umadbro?'s" (angry people) use it over "the internetz" (the internet). Just from the fact that society accepts improper grammar this day and age for example a movie that might be called "I spie with my little i" makes grammar comebacks an automatic backfire period.
User 1- "How can the next xbox go a blu-ray drive if Sony is Microsofts compititor idiot?"

User 2- "*facepalm* so the xbox original must be reading off your moms cooch from hand-me-downs that used the same thing. How did that work? Your grammar is just as bad as how badly you missed the "e" in competitor.

User 1- Umadbro? I feel pretty owned um..but...since you turned into a grammar nazi at the end I don't feel so owned anymore as you pretty much voided EVERYTHING for being so low.
by oOKingJayOo October 15, 2012

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