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an elitist who gets off on correcting others' grammar and spelling because it makes him feel superior.

grammar nazis often misidentify grammar as the primary determinant of one's intelligence and the most important element of expression.

this belief stems from the grammar nazi's insecurity, which leads him to learn the simplest thing in the whole fucking world to learn and impose it on others, earning self-gratification in the process. realizing how easy but effective it is, the nazi continues this ego masturbation until he can no longer separate the truth from the lie: grammar's not that important, no one gives a shit, and no one likes you.

grammar nazis don't realize that in actuality, grammar is too ambiguous to have a rigid standard, and that though basic grammar is necessary, most grammar rules are not, and can restrict good expression.
Shakespeare: What a piece of work is man! how noble in reason! how infinite in faculty!

grammar nazi: Speak in complete sentences.

Shakespeare: the ability to communicate both colorfully and effectively is way more admirable then perfect grammar so stop sucking Webster's dick, you grammar nazi.
by jjsdfkakfadk January 11, 2008
195 116
Someone who believes it's their duty to correct any grammar and/or spelling mistakes they observe.
"Your awesome!"
"Actually, it's 'you're'. Your shows ownership. I don't own an 'awesome.' I'm Grammar Nazi. "
by Ryleigh-Jude September 26, 2009
86 36
The only good kind of Nazi.
That grammar Nazi sure knows his prepositions!
by McNJay April 28, 2010
103 54
A person who uses proper English, proofreads papers for fun, and gernerally corrects everyone's improper grammar. This person feels very ashamed when he or she is caught making such errors and corrects himself/herself often. It should be noted that a Grammar Nazi simply wants to help others and does not correct others out of arrogance.
In journalism class, many preferred going to the Grammar Nazi for help over going to the teacher.
by Tromp September 03, 2007
85 57
1. Somebody who corrects another person's grammar and spelling in an ad hominem attack.
2. A label incorrectly applied to a person who corrects another person's grammar and spelling, regardless of other content in their post and the egregiousness of the errors being corrected. Ironically, this misuse of the label is itself an ad hominem attack.
1. Poster 1- I like Obama's proposle for healthcare reform: It would give poor Americans access to much needed healthcare while retaining the option of private insurance for those who can afford it.
Poster 2- You misspelled "proposal", so your ideas are invalid.
Poster 1- I made a perfect logical point, and a typo does not refute that, you're just being a grammar nazi.
Poster 2- That's a run-on sentence.

2. Poster 1- I h8 oB4m4 b-cuz he wuznt brn 1n da AMEEEERRRIIIICCCCAAAAAA!!!!!!!

Poster 2- Okay... I took the time to decode what you were actually trying to say with your horrific spelling, and it really annoys me when you "birthers" stick your fingers in your ears, close your eyes, and ignore the fact that Obama has released his birth certificate and he was born in the United States.
Poster 1- ur sch a GRMR NZI!!!!!!1!!!11!
by endercoaster August 04, 2009
42 24
An upstanding member of the Third Reich who believes people should be threatened with internment in a concentration camp if there communication skills aren't perfect... Wait! I was just kidding! Please don't take me away!!! Heil Webst...
GN1) That Arschloch over they're should be sent to Auschwitz!

GN2) Did you just...

GN1) How dare you question a fellow grammar nazi!

GN2) Too late, mein Herr. Heil Webster! Grammatik macht frei!
by Urban Merriam March 26, 2010
39 23
(noun) one who is intent on correcting everyone's incorrect grammar
oh em gee, that guy is such a grammar nazi!
by lalalallalalaallalalalalalalla January 03, 2011
16 7