Someone who is obsessed with spelling things correctly. Using correct words. Obsessed with word choice, etc.
OMG. She is SUCH a Grammar Nazi!
by Z. A. Rebel July 02, 2015
Generally, a person who corrects others' speech or writing for the purpose of feeling superior. However, rare exceptions exist, wherein the term is applied to those who have become tired of the constant abuse of language, are not aware that their behavior warrants application of the term and are genuinely trying to help their peers, or have been editing their friends' essays for eight hours and cannot bear another misplaced preposition.
Friend 1: "Hey, that's the TV remote! Where was it at?"
GN ( malicious type) : "'At''s a preposition, don't end a sentence that way."
Former Friend 1: "Your intolerable, you malicious grammar nazi!"

Foreign Friend 2: "I will see you next next week!"
GN (genuine or unaware type): "I will see you the week after next too!"
by Webster'sSecondCousin March 28, 2015
A native english-speaking person with an urge to correct every misspelled word, because they have a micropenis.
"Hello, how long is youre penis?"
"your*, I'm such a Grammar Nazi! ... 7 millimeters."
by Urban talker February 28, 2015
N. A person who hates false grammar.

adj. The act of repeatedly correcting another person's grammar.
Hippie: 'Dude, that party was the funnest'
Grammar Nazi: 'You mean: Dude, that party was the most fun.'
by The Friendly Nazi June 02, 2014
One who annoys the shit out of others for his love for the German race and English grammar.
A real grammar Nazi picks on Jewish people with bad grammar.
by ashmadallah March 12, 2015
Me/English Major.
I'm sorry for correcting so much of your post, but I'm something of a Grammar Nazi.
by ValmontDracul October 21, 2010
a person who does not like incorrect grammar
person: look at that dude he awesme at skateing grammar nazi: awesome* and skating*
by fuzzylane August 06, 2012

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