One who uses refined vocabulary, correct grammar, constantly finds themselves correcting grammar and spelling (in forums, chatrooms, tumblr, YouTube, etc.)

First, you have your mild GNs, they're much kinder and respectively tell you about your grammar/spelling that is incorrect.

Then there's your experienced GN, they're much harder on you and constantly browse through pages to reply to people who have terrible grammar and spelling form.

Finally, there's the hardcore GN, only they have earned the right to sPELL liKe thisss and still be refined, respected, not a asshat GN like most internet GN are. They usually reply with a simple correction and move on.
If people's verbal words could be seen like they were typed:
'omg your gay'
"What about my gay?"

randomanon101: lol that coment was so funny. your all so silly.
Grammar Nazi: *comment *you're
by ~Nana~ April 01, 2013
Grammar Nazi's are by far the most hated people on the internet. Due to the simple fact you know in daily life their ether absolute nobody or somebody with nobody.

So they feel they have to adjust spelling and grammar because they genuinely believe that spelling, and grammar is the only way to live.

I would love to say grammar Nazi's are similar to Trolls (see Trolls), However this is not the case. They actually do get angry at unreasonable grammar, Even though they seem to forget that planet earth is multicultural and English is not some peoples first second or third language. However Grammar Nazi's only usually speak one language English.

Grammar Nazi's can only be found on the internet This is due to their absolute coward ness outside the world wide web. If a grammar Nazi was to exist outside the internet there head would presumably explode this is because in the real world, most humans speak somewhat slang, and if a random grammar Nazi was to correct someone on the high street for example, they would get the hardest punch on the face they could possibly receive.

I am the human version of a pokedex and this was about the human type Grammar Nazi
Boy1: hi boy2 how you today

Boy2: I am certain you mean. Hi Boy2 how is your day.

Boy1: stop being a faget.

Boy2: What is a faget?.

Boy1: your such a grammer nazi

Boy2: You are such a Grammar Nazi

Boy1: left conversation
by XCTN Pokedex June 16, 2013
A person on the Internet that uses proper spelling and grammar. They usually dwell on forums or other social websites and correct the grammar/spelling of, or insult those who have improper grammar or spelling.

The Grammar Nazi will be hated by the person targeted by "He who spells". The "victim" will usually resort to useless insults.

It is a sophisticated form of trolling. The end result is serving the duty of the Grammar Nazi, and causing the idiot to be enraged.
(Assuming this takes place on YouTube. GN = Grammar Nazi.)

Person: "dat vid was sooo tight man u r a genius. da vid iz funny cuz its tru"

GN: "Excuse me. Did you take elementary school English classes? It seems that your sentence has many spelling and punctuation mistakes.

Person: "*response or private message* hey man wat da hell iz wrong with u? just cuz u no how 2 spell doesnt make u ne smarter. u r probably a virgin or gay. hahaha. u cant even get gurlz. deres no reason 2 b a grammer nazi"

GN: "Well, it might not make me smarter, but it definitely makes you dumber. Don't even get me started on the mistakes in that response."

*to self* "Success."
by Chris Tai October 05, 2010
Definition one: Somebody whose either losing an argument and needs to create a diversion.

Definition Two: Somebody who has the analytical and decrypting skills of an autistic 6 year old who cannot recognize a routinely based word if it even has a liiitle typo or misplacement that anybody with a brain would so easily recognize. This person is often impossible to communicate with due to the need to spell every single thing perfectly or else they will get confused due to their poor description and analytical skills. Everything taught to them after grade 1 fades out of their mind in no more than 2 minutes. Talking to them is like talking to a wall.
Example one:
Reasonable Human Being 1: wtf you got your dick stuck in a bench and cut it off to escape from it?! ur stupid bro! rlly stupid!
Grammar Nazi : Learn to spell before you call me stupid!
Reasonable Human Being 1: Aha! So you tried to change the topic to grammar because there's no way you can provide a reasonable response to what I have said! You sir are a typicl Grammar Nazi!
Grammar Nazi: Typical*
Reasonable Human Being: Shut up you have no dick. Literally you have no dick you cut it off and this is why you're resorting to being a Grammar Nazi!
*Grammar Nazi blocks the Comprehensible Human being because he/she has no good comebacks*

Example two:

Comprehensible Human Being: why is it that you stare blankly into space for 18 hours a day while chewing on your shirt?
Grammar Nazi: What the hell do you even speak English? Your grammar is atrocious!
Comprehensible Human Being: Any autistic child would be able to recognize what I have just typed....
Grammar Nazi: Oh my god! You put 4 dots! I have no idea what you're trying to say! Learn to speak English please!
Comprehensible Human Being: If your mother dyed her hair black would you still recognize her?
Grammar Nazi: No of course not! Who would be able to recognize such an enormous change?
Comprehensible Human Being: Ah OK I think it's settled. You're just plain retarded.
*Grammar Nazi is chewing shirt while bug eyed*
Comprehensible Human Being: I rest my case.
by Comprehensible Human Being October 22, 2013
A person so obsessed with grammar that they will go out of their way to correct you.
Fb post: i really shouldnt have done that
Comment: *I really shouldn't have done that.
Reply: really??? correcting my fb posts???
Comment: *Really, you are correcting my facebook posts?
Reply: what are you, a grammar nazi???
by redd menace January 19, 2013
A grammar-Nazi is a person who is anal retentive about the use of words, improper spelling of words, and when and where there should be commas, apostrophes, and what not. They are the geeks of literature and think they are the guardians of language. They proclaim themselves to be some of the most intelligent beings 'proven' by the fact that 'people with higher vocabularies and proper spelling have average higher IQ scores' and other unfounded proclamations.

It is known that some of the most genius men in history were poor spellers. In fact, Albert Einstein was such a horrible speller, he was thought to be mentally retarded early in his life. Anyone who has ever been around a mathematician, physicist, or engineer can usually attest to their bad note-taking, improper use of punctuation, and poor spelling. Yet, these people are responsible for flying us across the oceans, putting people and satellites into space to power your phones, TV's, and what-not's.

There are several types of intelligence a human can exuberate. Social scientist Howard Gardner has determined through much research that there are essentially 8 different types of intelligence where a person may excel, so how can someone be more intelligent based solely on the fact they can spell better?
Person 1: "Are we to dumb to read now adays is that why news is in videos now"
Grammar-nazi " "Are we TOO dumb to read NOWADAYS? Is this why most news is in video format now?" haha fixed, I'm way better than you. I have a higher intelligence than everyone else because I can correct spelling and grammar!"
Person 1: "Who cares faggot, you need to get laid."
by Achilles9x February 22, 2012
where you go into youtube comments, and you find people correcting people.
Bob809550948094809548094558: wow thats so kool.
BarackObama0432328390432802383428934328: *Wow, that's so cool.
Bob809550948094809548094558: you grammer nazi
BarackObama0432328390432802383428934328: *You grammar nazi.
via giphy
by AnonymouslyGreat April 05, 2016
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