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A blunt or joint with exactly a gram of bangin bud.
Light up that Gram Cracker!
by Quadir425 November 15, 2010
A term given to Caucasian pseudo-gangsters that always keep a single gram of marijuana in possession to convince others they're "stoners".
Hey man, did you see Tymon and his buddies waving that dime bag around? What a bunch of gram crackers.
by Mazzey June 22, 2011
An African American/Black person from the urban hood that acts like their an Caucasian/White person from the suburbs. Or the opposite of the racist term cracker used against white people...White Cracker/Brown Cracker
"It's just a roach stop acting like a gramcracker."
by Ken-N.Y. July 15, 2008
Gramaw + Craker. A racist, old, white person. Works for Male and Female.
Betty Brown is a Gram-cracker that wants Asian-Americans to have more Americanized names that are "easier" to say. Good luck, Betty Brown.
by stinkystee May 18, 2009
a white guy who sells pot
"That gramcracker sure does have some fine bud"
by condoreggs January 02, 2008
A term for someone who is of mixed race (black and white).
"Gram" meaning brown and "cracker" meaning white
Halle Barry is a gram cracker
by Des February 20, 2005
Nichole is a gram crack!
if were crackers then u must be a ... gram cracker!
by girl gone wild February 27, 2004