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A beautiful goddess. Known as the second goddess of love and beauty. Anyone who sees her will think she is so beautiful and want to talk to her. She usually has a friend that betrays her. But it is her loss because grace is awesome. Grace is not very popular but is well liked and has great manors. She loves dogs. What other people thinks is weird or gross she usually thinks its cool. She usually has a friend thats name starts with a J she and her/him will be best friend. They will have a very successful band.
"hey grace"

"ur so pretty"

"thank you"

"how are you doing"

"im doing well, thank you"
by Awesomemicawesomechick May 28, 2013
16 6
1) Grace: Synonyms: Elegance, loveliness, and beauty.

2) Meaning: A admired feminine forename.
1) The swan glided over the lake gracefully.
2) Me: 'Grace is the cutest girl ever, She makes my heart beat faster, she's so beautyful. If you ever go out with her, you are one lucky guy...'
by LittleHackerFromEngland September 30, 2005
4311 1656
Grace is so wonderful, it is hard to

find the words to describe her.

She is to be truly beautiful reflecting

an unparallel sense of eternity.

This Amazing Grace
Amazing grace
by Lala Comucha October 09, 2011
2780 550
Beauty, sunrises, singing birds, blossoming flowers. All those things that remind us why life is worth living.
Heaven on earth. A star to light your life.
by JonGraceLover August 05, 2005
3252 1434
A beautiful girl who can be annoying at times but is still loved by just about everyone. Also who girl who has a very sexual mind, and has a banging body.
"God damn, grace was looking so fine last"

"dude did you hit that"

"Yeah bro, me and grace hit up"

"Dude im so proud of you"

"I know"
by Clarence McFinnigan May 27, 2008
2577 962
A girl who is the best of the best. Very artsy with an extreme amount of elegance, thus her name. This entails beautiful face, voice, mind, body, soul, thoughts, and aptitude in the arts. This girl is usually the best in everything. Thought to be a rare jewel, she is one to be held on to. One should not be surprised if this is difficult at least, for Grace is captivating to all around her.
Who's that girl? "I don't know but she seems amazing!" I bet her name is Grace.
by Stossel Lover November 21, 2010
2600 1103
absolutly amazing in every way and and extremely beautiful
i love grace so much
by ck716 December 07, 2008
2296 1252
The most amazing girl in the whole entire world.
Ali: "Hey there"
Grace: "Heeey"
Ali: "Your amazing."
Grace: "Yeah i know."
by Alysia Becker September 03, 2008
2272 1249