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An acute involuntary reaction caused by overeating large amounts of greasy, low grade food. Combination of a violent cough and a gag which nearly induces vomit. Frequently happens immediately after a massive consumption, upon reaching the restaurant parking lot or on initial movement form the table. Bystanders often watch with a combination of horror and amazement.
Example 1 - I'm not feeling so good Brent, I just ate an entire beef burrito family pack, I'm about to gough my guts out.

Example 2 - After gorging himself at the Chinese buffet, Jay goughed so hard in the parking lot he almost blew a blood vessel.
by Borris Beck June 26, 2012
1. The rudimentary equation expressing the amount and content of vulcanization in rubber used for rubber bands explained in a highly circuitious manner.

2. Something inane and overly spoken.
the coefficeint of the gough was equal to the depth of the membrane of the anus of a porpoise chasing a whales ass in the waters off the Aegean Sea....

He's goughing and he can't shut up!!!
by Pendraghon June 09, 2005
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