Goth is essentially every other music scene (indie, rave, etc.), just a bit spookier and dramatic. The actual goths (ie, not the high school kids) are usually college students or average people with dayjobs. Many work in the tech field as it affords them flexibility with their appearance. They typically have macabre or devious senses of humor (yes, they do laugh - a lot.) and are subject to the same fallacies, issues, and qualities that other humans are. Most are not cutters.

Just like other scenes, the goth scene is extremely misrepresented by the youth who either misappropriate the genre or simply don't quite "get it." They often put a public and very misleading face on the scene and many goths (such as myself) rush to defend the scene, as flawed as it might be, for it is something that happens to bring much joy to many people. The illusion of uniqueness is just that. But then again, deep down, we're all different in some way, but there's still no harm in doing what you can to set yourself apart if you find value in that.

Still, much of the older goth scenesters do not completely dismiss the younger generations. They might deride them, but hope they will expand their horizons. Conversely, you will find older goths who enjoy the more commercial acts, for no other reason than simple personal taste.

One final thing: Most goths don't just listen to music associated with that genre. Most will branch out. Some listen to Punk or Techno, some even listen to Jazz or Motown. The final idea of being a goth is to simply be yourself, even if you're not wearing black.

We still reserve the right to make fun of emo kids because we know we look silly. They haven't figured it out yet.
I don't have an gothic example. I'm not that creative.
by demonfafa September 19, 2006
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(n.) 1. A word generally used in relation the the macabre or other darker elements.
2. A movement in literature that branched off of the individualist movement of the 1700's, usually revolving around the darker elements of human nature.
3. Jagged and spaciouis architecture, usually referenced by gothic cathedrals, in which vast open areas invoke feelings of belittlement.
4. A stereotype encompassing whiny, pissant teenagers craving attention. Usually identified by an immense use of black, vampires, blood, and anarchy symbols.
1. The painting had a very gothic feel to it.
2. Poe was a gothic writer.
3. There was a piece of a gothic chapel on display at the museum.
4. A handful of gothic children mingled outside the Starbucks.
by Elle Channe July 08, 2004
mistaken for a bunch of troubled metal head teenagers who are obsessed with death and suicide. this is totally wrong and is just some stupid steriotype given to them by dumbasses such as townies. goths are normally just normal people who like to dress in their own kind of style, rather than the mundane crap we see everyday. goths are quite confident and are never afraid to laugh at themselves. goths normally have a open mind to alot of things instead of being closed mind twats who wont try anything else but what every1 else is doing
1) more unique than most... but not totally individual as thats impossible
by ur mum November 07, 2004
1)Art of the middle-ages. Dark art.

2)Of, relating to, or having the characteristics of a style of architecture developed in northern France and spreading through western Europe from the middle of the 12th century to the early 16th century that is characterized by the converging of weights and strains at isolated points upon slender vertical piers and counterbalancing buttresses and by pointed arches and vaulting

3)Referal to the middle-ages.

4)Literature style mostly using dark, remote settings.

5)A genre of music steming from punk rock and became popular in the mid 1980's. Korn, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson and Tool are not gothic bands.

6)The language of the Goths.

Note: people cannot be gothic, gothic is not a state of mind, it is not a life style, it is not clothing.
That 1230 A.D. gothic painting has such dark colours.

That church down town has gothic architecture.

Stephen King writes gothic fiction.

No, damn it, slipknot is not a damn gothic band.
by Jesus January 03, 2004
1. a style of architecture used in the middle ages, consisting of pointed towers, massive structures and heavy use of stone carving and gargoyles

2. a style of literature considered both dark and romantic and heavy on the drama (see "wuthering heights") NOTE: not generally horror or supernatural stories.

3. a style of music that grew away from Punk in the late 1970's. it was propulgated by bands such as Bauhaus and Siouxsie and the Banshees, and was known for its guitar melodies, darker themes and danceable beats. along with the music came a certain fashion sence (generally attributed to be begun by Siouxsie Sioux) consisting of very dramatic eye makeup (taken from the ancient egyptians), teased hair and tattered clothing made of lace and velvet.

4. devotees of any of the above.
Europe is home to many Gothic cathedrals.
by Anonymous May 23, 2003
Ok, so...
Alot of people are getting the wrong idea about what being gothic really means.
There are many ways to describe it.
1. It's a type of music. Gothic rock usually contains a dark, yet somehow sweet sound. And, most goths I know (including myself) listen to all types of music. But, also like me prefer to listen to metal.

2. I just have to point this out: Goth is NOT a religion.
Just because you're gothic, it doesn't mean you worship Satan and blah blah blah.
Even though most people involved in gothic culture are not believers of God, I do know Christian goths.

3. There is also a style of dress that comes with gothic lifestyle. Yes, most goths do wear black. (Personally, I'm a HUGE fan of corsets and such...) But we do wear color too. Take cybergoths for examlpe. ^.^ You can catch them wearing the coolest outfits that include many neon colors and such. Different shades of purples, reds, blues, and even greens are popular among goths.
There is much more to be said...but I know some are probably bored at this moment...
Thanks, and enjoy.
There really is no example...
Just go and talk to gothic kid.
You'll see they're not as bad as you think...
by hypnotica_gaze May 31, 2006
Pertaining not to devil-worship, but to a way of thinking before the "Age of Reason" that stressed emotion (as opposed to rationality), preoccupation with mortality (and immortality), and sensuality.
The writings of Edgar Allan Poe, the films of Ken Russell.
by John from San Francisco August 15, 2003
I have to admit I've read all the "gothic" entry's and some of them are so out there is is unbelievable! And they are so different from eachother! Who is to say what is "gothic" and what is not? These are some notes I've gained watching "gothic" people and their friends (me).

1. Gothic is a steriotype and it shouldn't be. Some gothic people worship false gods and the devil, but I know some who worship God and are christians. Just like all christians are different so are gothics.
2. Gothic is not a religion. If gothic were a religion they would all be WORSHIPING the same thing! Get a clue!
3. Gothics are nice people. Some people think gothics are weird and mean, but they're not.Yes some are, but aren't some "jocks" mean and "class presidents" Stop steriotyping them to be mean and totally suicidal. They're NOT!
4. Gothics dress in black because that is what they like. Some people dress in all pink, but you don't think those "princesses" are weird. Also black happens to be a very cool color and if you are in love with it good for you.
5. Gothics have a mind and are not simply death orented, bloodthirsty, suicidal, depresed robots! Yes some gothics like death, but so do other people, death is a way to be reborn and freed. Also, some like blood and drink it, but that doesn't make them gothic. I am fasinated with blood, am I gothic?! Also, some are sucidal and depressed, but so are some of our most loved celebertys! Get a grip!

In conclusion gothic is simply what someone wants to all themself. People call themselfs pimp or punk and you don't make a big deal about it. So what if they're gothic? Bite me.
1.Prep- oh my gosh you're wearing black and listening to that horror music! You must brink blood and worship weird stuff! You must be gothic!
Gothic- oh my gosh you're wearing a stupid letterman jacket and listening to Cher! You must me gay!

2. Prep- look that gothic girl goes to the same church as us! But she's gothic why isn't she off worshipping the stuff in her relgion?
Gothic- look you're a prep! why aren't you off worshipping your boyfriend? Stupid, preps! Gothic is not a religion!

3. prep moom- Look at that gothic boy! Where's the scars from when he slit his wrists?
2nd prep mom- I bet he is covering them with his spike braclets. Gothics are such little hoodlems!
Gothic- get a life, I was going to say hello, but I guess it would be better if a took a knife and started bleeding to my death!

4. prep girl in Claires- look that girl just went into hot topic I bet she's trying to act gothic!
prep boy- yeah in that weirdo cult is the only place she'll ever fit in.
Gothic boy- it's not a cult and black way cooler than your gay letter man jacket I bet you're just wearing that so your girlfriend'll think your cool!

5.prep- look at those gothics hanging out! I bet they're going to slit they're wrists and drink eachothers blood!
gothic- no, but cutting you doesn't seem like suck a bad idea... just kidding. You preps are so easy to scare all we have to do is look at you weird and you go crying to your mama!
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