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4 definitions by binks

An absolute asshole who should not be president of the United States and is proof that this country is full of morons waving their fist for a moron leader. How this buttwipe ever came into office is beyond me, but by God, it happened, and our country is falling apart under his hands.

Ever got a problem? Blame it on Bush. He is the cause for sadness, woe, and herpes.

And for all you people bitching that he has good intentions or some shit, OK. Just because you have good intentions doesn't mean you should be the most powerful leader in the world. He's a dick.
"It must be a budget, it's got a lot of numbers in it." -- an actual quote from our "highly educated" president.
by binks January 11, 2004
130 66
n. a generic nickname used to describe any upstanding individual in one's personal network. Variations: binky, binkazoid, bink-bonk, banks, bianks.
Hey Binks, how's Grandma Binks feeling? Binks said I should ask you.
by binks January 22, 2005
35 20
Just another label that people conform to for either their own personal enjoyment or to be oh-so-cool. I don't know why people just can't be themselves without a slew of labels, but whatever rows your boat.

People who strive to be gothic by acting dark and dressing in black and pissing and moaning about life and how much of an outcast they are are assholes and should be shot. Repeatedly.

If you are another of those sad gothic wannabes bitching about conformists, maybe you should think about all the contradictions spewing out of your mouth as you ARE CONFORMING TO A LABEL.

For the goths who are goths for their personal enjoyment... I never liked labels and never will but cheers.
The gothic wannabe cried, "Hot Topic is closed! Someone shoot me!" So I did and spared the world of her bitching. Then I ate her.
by binks January 11, 2004
11 10
Someone who is kickass, cool, and quite funny.
Anonymous rocks your socks and kicks your ass.
by binks January 11, 2004
65 175