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hmm... quite hard to define (for every REAL goth it is differnet)any ways ill try to break it down into categorys
goth isnt a label,its a lifestyle the posers dont like to be labeled because they find it offensive
there are many religons in the lifestle with very few "satanists"
Hot Topic isnt a poser store (although ALOT of posers shop there) it caters to the the 2nd newest style in the culture: the urban goth(kinda of a cross between all of the different styles)
Cyber: they dress like they are from the future
Romantic/medival:they dress like they are from the renisance and romantic periods of history
Raver:HUGE pants, some cyber stuff, alot of black light stuff
Fetish:tight clothing leather and pvc
Above all goth is a mind set relizing the darker side of life our fucked up society hides WE ARE NORMAL PEOPLE sometimes we are depressed and feeling dark we feel the same as everyone else
Most poser eventually relize that they aern't gothic at all and then dress like everyone else (disgusting)
you dont become goth, your born into it
Some kid:Goth!
Poser:dont label me
Me:you both need to grow up
by invaderzim69 September 24, 2005

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