1. The act in which a person screws something up, or to be a screw-up (being a "goose")
2. To be extremely drunk on the vodka brand "Grey Goose"
1. You: "Uh-oh, i forgot to give that woman her five dollars in change"

Me: "You goosed it, bud!"

2. You: "I drank so much last night that I don't remember anything"

Me: "You got really goosed on vodka and then passed out with that haggard ass chick.
by GooseMan March 26, 2013
To be found out, caught out or discvored doing something risky.
Your dad totally goosed me poling your mum.
by Ninja Steve May 21, 2004
to be extra excited about an upcoming event or action. A sense of utter excitment.
"I'm so 'goosed' up, I'm swimming in them" - Marshie from H*R.com

"The Stanley Cup Finals starts next Friday, I'm getting 'goosed' up!"

"I live for Portugal tomorrow. I'm so 'goosed' up!"
by Juleo April 17, 2004
Another way of saying that you've shagged/fucked somebody
"Hey, what happened with you and that fit bird you were talkin to last night?"

"I took her home and goosed her"
by MeaningMark June 28, 2005
to get so shitfaced, you can't walk straight, and you stare at walls and such
Steven: "kent, are you wasted"
Kent: "Dawg, i am goosed"
Steven: "Word"
by Steven February 26, 2003
to suck someone's tounge inside of your mouth while kissing them
My girlfirend and I were making out and then she goosed me
by robynrobyn March 26, 2007
A soon-to-catch-one variation of "owned"
After I goosed Phil's mom last night, I felt a little woozy and needed a nap.
by shrina January 29, 2003
To be hit upon/sexually harrassed by an unattractive male
"Oh my god, I got totally goosed on last night"

"Can you please stop goosing on me?"

"AHAHAHA, you got goosed!"

by htown language May 16, 2008
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