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5 definitions by adamryan

The prerogative of every single person who lives in Orange County, this choice is the exercising of only stopping at posted STOP sign at one's own discretion.
Dude 1: "Dude, you just blew through that stop sign."

Dude 2: "Know ye not, friend, the law of the road? For thus it was written, 'And yea, my People shall not thirst, nor shall they stop at every freaking STOP sign, for they shall know that if there be no cop, there shalt be no stop.' Look it up. It's in there. No Cop No Stop."

Dude 1: "Oh. I did not know that."
by adamryan October 29, 2008
A humiliating act, usually done by your closest friend; when one is "given the goose" so to speak, one never truly recovers.

The act itself is simple: Sneak up behind an unsuspecting victim (preferably a friend, as being knocked unconscious is likely to occur otherwise), and as quickly as you can, with all of your fingers on your hand extended out together, poke them into your friend's buttcrack and run away.

A proper "Goose Goose!" is always followed by you vociferating "Goose Goose!" a split second prior to you fleeing the scene.
Luke gave Adam a Goose Goose! Luke will be severely missed.
by adamryan March 18, 2009
A variant of WTF, it can also be used to shorten "what the fuck is" (see wtfxup). WTFX is often used angrily in responses demanding moar information (see example 1), making it an antithesis of lolwot.

The word is not restricted to the immediate necessity of imperative information, however, as it can also be used to express disdain or disapproval in a joyful or mocking manner (see example 2).

The most common, however, being a simple request for further elucidation (see example 3).
Ex. 1:

Boy: So I heard you got some action at that party a few nights ago.

Girl: I hope I didn't, I was way was drunk.

Boy: No wonder you aren't moving in the video.

Girl: WTFX your problem?

Example 2:

Jack: I just got some moar anonyhate.

Bob: Let's hear it.

Jack: "Your gayer than six gays on a gay boat."

Bob: WTFX?

Ex. 3:

Guy that doesn't get laid: So um...so i herd u liek mudkipz

Guy who gets laid: WTFX that?
by adamryan November 11, 2009
A type of trash-talking done online, often accompanied by misspelled words, wrong tenses of words like "your" and "you're", and very little punctuation (if any at all). This is most often achieved via MySpace's "Truth Box" application. The veil of anonymitiy behind it makes it nearly impossible to locate the identity of said trash-talker, thus enabling the assailint to speak his mind without any later consequence.

John: I really don't like this guy.
Jack: Me neither!
John: Let's fill his Truth Box with Anonyhate!
Jack: Okay!

anonyhate truth comment: y0uR SO St00PiD
by adamryan March 13, 2009
Arguably the cheesiest word used to be cute with one's boyfriend or girlfriend. The word exploits the inherent cuteness of the sound of words spoken with a lisp; all words which have an "S" are pronounced with a "TH", thus making the word "kisses" into "kitheth".
Adam: Bby, I'm sry I'm late!

Sami: What happened?!?

Adam: Traffic! Plz don't be mad. Kitheth?

Sami: Otay.
by adamryan November 11, 2009