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A verb, which means to grab someone between their butt cheeks and to squeeze, almost with an intent to hurt, although it is often done in a joking, playful manner between friends. The most common way to goose someone is with the fingers and thumb of one hand. The fingers grab from the bottom, and the thumb from the top. Then, in an upwards, and squeezing motion, you goose them. It is normally done while the "receiver" is wearing clothes, although there is no reason why it couldn't be done without clothes.
What the...oh man, I've just been goosed!

He goosed me so hard it bruised my anus!

The reason I have skid marks on my undies must be because I was goosed ealier today.

"Man, don't goose me again, okay?"
"Ah, c'mon, what's a little goossing between friends?"
by Dave March 04, 2003
An object or occurrence which inspires feelings of joy and excitement within an individual usually without expectation or warning of the goodness of the thing. (Can also be applied to the actions of a person)
When you slapped my ex-boyfriend, I didn't realize it would be so goose!
by KatcUp February 09, 2010
To fail in a highly important round in a competative computer game.
Man, you should have clutched that, you totally Goosed it!
by aimbotcfg February 06, 2010
When a person has a very noticable way of swaying their hips from side to side, usually in a seductive manner
Dude, she gots a nice goose
by Dlavitz March 11, 2009
Just your average looking girl. In between a hot gorgeous girl (juice) and a overweight female (moose). When your at a party and there are a ton of girls there, but none of them are hot and none of them are are in the presence of a whole flock of geese.
"I didnt get a good look at that girl"
"Oh dont worry she was just a goose"

"So whats the juice situation at this party?"
"Dude were surrounded by a whole flock of geese".
by biggggss September 23, 2009
To take another females money.
If you took a females money, you would say "I just goosed her".
by Natural K September 08, 2009
an alchoholic drink made of juice and goon (usually white goon and orange juice)there are also other types of said drink such as gift (lift and goon)or any soft drink with goon (that dont make you throw up)
last week end blake was so trashed, him and the footy boys went out and got goosed!
by tayza June 12, 2008
Commonly known as Girlongus or GOG.

Goose; a very odd critter who names peoples children for them. Also loves to go off-topic on forums. Goose is often a goofball. Is loved by all.
Topic: My dog got eaten by a huge snake! *Tears*
Goose: OMG! Rat would eat babies!
Goose again: HAHAHAHA! I win!

"That girl is so Goose."
by MikaTheronsMum January 05, 2007

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