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Goose It(goos it), v., goosed it, goosing it (1). When one gives way to all reason to complete a set task. (2). Just Do It

Two cops are sitting in their patrol car hidden in the bushes next to a stop sign. A car goes flying threw the stop sign at 45mph. One cop turns to the other and says, "Wow, he really goosed it through the stop sign!"

A soccer team is in the locker room getting ready for a game.
Player 1: "I forgot my cleats at home"
Player 2: "Just Goose It"

"Goose It over to the store quick"

"Goose It off that cliff"

"This is a perfect rail to Goose It down"

"The cops! Everybody Goose It outta here!"
by Ian and the Ringeisen's December 05, 2005
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