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To cuddle or snuggle with someone you love..such as a mate or your child.
I can't wait to get home and goonch with my man!!

I love to goonch with the kids on the couch while watching movies and eating popcorn.
by The Thelma Original October 11, 2010
Hamburger that has been browned and broken up for use in low brow culinary dishes such as Bolgnese sauce, Hamburger Helper, or Goonch Mloop Snerfels.
Please hand me a can of mloop, the goonch is almost ready.
by Hunding May 13, 2011
a catfish that is found in the foot hills of the Himalayas they can grow up to 12 ft and are able to swallow a man howl
an Indian man was confirmed swallowed by a goonch
by midnight-L7 August 16, 2010
Nasty, Smelly, Sloppy, Dirty, ultimately gross Vagina.
When we were at the titty bar in Tijuana, I stuck my fingers in the strppers goonch, I still feel dirty.
by Aaron October 31, 2004
Another word for a vagina.
That chick had the tightes goonch, it took me 10 seconds.
by Rollupthe20 September 05, 2010
The sound a vagina makes when it is so loose that when the lips of the Vagina shut they make a clapping noise.
That poor woman had such bad goonch that it could be heard over the noise of the clapping crowd at the concert last night.
by David The Twin July 04, 2006
Pronounced: Goo-n-ch
The word Goonch is used to describe the area of skin between a penis and a vagina on a human Hermaphrodite
Example: Hey don't make me kick you in the Goonch!!
by Zac River Storm February 06, 2008

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