An evil gnomish/leprechaun-looking creature wearing blue, red, yellow and green that sneaks in and steals your pagerank.
Me: So how goes the blog biz?
Victim: Man the damn Googler got at my pagerank. I was a PR4. Now I'm a big fat ZERO.
by RogueSun March 19, 2008
Top Definition
An employee working at Google. Employee benefits include free massages, gourmet food, no set working hours, constant talks from presidential candidates and tons of other famous people, and really high salary.
"Welcome to Google, the land of bunnies and rainbows!" -a typical Googler
by Swami Mehadevan June 11, 2008
A person who uses often.
Whoa, you're such a googler.
by girlygirly1_9_9 February 11, 2008
A person that uses google during work all day and then provides useless facts and links to waste other people's time as well.
I got another email from the googler that has totally useless information in it and it cost me time just to delete the email.
by Time Wastee April 09, 2008
A person that appears to be very smart to when you talk online , but you find out that he just uses google to find out everything.
Clif: I was talking to Brett online and he knows some much about the Kinks.
Chapin: Well he's just probably a googler because he doesn't seem like a Kinks fan.
Clif: Yea your probably right because he was just basically saying their height's and birth dates.
by Clif July 24, 2005
A person who plays Trivia crack and googles to find out all of the answers.
Jimmy: Wow Mark just 6-0 sweeped me in Trivia Crack what a googler.
Bob: Yeah I saw him googling the answers. What a filthy googler.
by dickboiflex January 22, 2015
An unknown word/question worthy of googling
What year did the movie Anchorman come out? (That's a "googler")
by OKC lawyer December 24, 2013
Googler is someone who thinks they are smart, yet are really a loser.

Someone who cluelessly (or in some cases pridefully) does things to piss off an established community, usually on the internet.
-Hi guys!
kay... Hi..
-Whats up, want some crack?
shut up googler..
by Johnee1rrrw March 04, 2012

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