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A person that appears to be very smart to when you talk online , but you find out that he just uses google to find out everything.
Clif: I was talking to Brett online and he knows some much about the Kinks.
Chapin: Well he's just probably a googler because he doesn't seem like a Kinks fan.
Clif: Yea your probably right because he was just basically saying their height's and birth dates.
by Clif July 24, 2005
the illest rap label ever..a mix of Texan bull and Vermont cow
Yo texmont has the illest sh*t i ever done hear
by clif October 27, 2003
stands for "no fucking shit"
When Dan is downloading porn on irc.
and the girl says "incomming dcc file transfer" Dan says "no fucking shit"
by clif October 28, 2003

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