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Grabbing at pockets, patting yourself down to make sure you have your cellphone and don't need to turn around and go back home for it. This behaviour tends to be heightened in people who also have a habit of going back to check the locks on the doors several times before leaving home.
Dude, stop that.


Quit the phone grope. You're always grabbing at your pockets as soon as we're on the road. Didn't you remember your cell?
by RogueSun May 29, 2006
A respelling of the word nuclear for those who don't particularly care if they get it right.
"Saddam had a nucular weapons program"
A rough paraphrase of President George W. Bush's scare us speeches.
by RogueSun October 11, 2004
The feeling of frustration after having had to listen to an eternity of someone's diatribe. The feeling manifests itself as being trapped or cornered accompanied by an overwhelming urge to gnaw off something. The problem is that there is nothing to gnaw off.

This usually occurs in social gatherings where it would be considered inappropriate to leave. It can also happen at work when you just cannot get away from a coworker or worse, boss.
Dave: Hey M, how was your weekend.

Melissa: Saturday was cool. Friday I was stuck at a company function having to listen to the War-And-Peace story from Mr. Teagle from corporate. The guy would just not shut up.

Dave: Coyote Boring?

Melissa: Man I wanted to stick my head in the microwave.
by RogueSun April 13, 2006
A company endures a bully lawsuit when it keeps someone on for fear, real or imagined, that they will take the company to court if let go.
An underperforming minority employee is kept on, even though their file requires its own file cabinet, because the employer fears they will play the race card.
by RogueSun March 22, 2005
Change that happens slower than a snail's pace. Things that take so long to happen that a person could be born, grow up, get old, and die before anything happens.
"What? You haven't heard back about your interview yet? Geez. That office moves ice-agedly slow.
by RogueSun February 06, 2006
A cross between a space cadet and a basket case. A sort of Ditzy meets ADHD. The person comes to you in a flurry of hyper/frenetic activity and hands off a task for you. They're in a major hurry to leave for something. Problem is that they forgot one or more key details that you need to be able to do your part.
Jill: God I wish he'd finish everything before he heads to happy hour.

Tim: What did he forget this time?

Jill: He didn't make the deposit. I can't process this without the money being there. God what a spaceket case.
by RogueSun December 06, 2007
The initial euphoric furor over the new MS music player Zune. One has gone looney zunes when getting excited over the advertising and rushing out to purchase it, seeing that most of the bugs have yet to be worked out.
A couple of friends go over to one of the big chain electronics stores and on the big screen TV a Zune ad is playing. They then see another customer staring at the ad.

"Uh oh."
"Look at him."
"Oh man. He's gonna go for it. He's Looney Zunes. He's gonna plunk down and buy one."
by RogueSun November 29, 2006

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