a person who no longer reads newpapers, magazines, or visits the reference section of the library but looks up all needed info on Google instead.
The last time I went to the library was 1997. I have been a Googler since.
by ted Lewis December 28, 2003
(N)- a person who googles things a lot.
Random Person: Dude! You're such a googler!

Dude: I am not! Im just wondering if Obama ever dated Jennifer Lopez..
by ginger powder January 05, 2014
Googler is someone who thinks they are smart, yet are really a loser.

Someone who cluelessly (or in some cases pridefully) does things to piss off an established community, usually on the internet.
-Hi guys!
kay... Hi..
-Whats up, want some crack?
shut up googler..
by Johnee1rrrw March 04, 2012
A smart phone, specifically with an Android OS.
"Hey, why don't you check your Googler for directions?"

"I don't think she's ever used her Googler for a phone call."
by Danny D' Moni February 17, 2012
When a person googles someone its most likely due to a feeling of distrust or just being downright nosey .A veteran googler can see a person pulling something out there ass a mile away.So before you decide to do something sneaky remember googlers are everywhere and you can bet your ass your being googled!Right Now!
Bobbi-ups says he'll have to get a restraining order if his girl doesnt stop googling him!He is anti googler!
by Tommy&LilJody/LilJewMe April 03, 2010
men/women who stare at you, but when you look at them they dont look away, they just keep checking you out creepily.
leah was walking down the street when she noticed two googlers.
by jklf January 17, 2007
1. Noun - someone who uses the search engine 'Google' to find answers, information, pictures, etc.
Usually used in a negative context to describe someone who does not use the search engine 'Google' very well.

It's not that they don't try, it's actually the opposite. They just don't successfully find what they are looking for. This is because they are either a. horrible with technology in general or b. other people are just much better and more efficient in using a search engine.

2. Noun - someone who creepily gawks at you with wide eyes
Lauren: Where do I find (insert question)
Lauren: I am just not a good googler
Alex: (10 seconds later) Really? I just found it, it's (insert answer)
Lauren: Damn, I have been looking online for the past hour and couldn't find it
Alex: Chubs could have found it faster
by Prisma December 15, 2010

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