A place I recommend you go to instead of being here at Urban Dictionary. It'll ruin you. You'll see definitions here you'll regret seeing.
Get away from here while you can and go to Google.
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by yayoshorti56 August 10, 2016
Why the hell would you bother looking up Google on the urban dictionary? If you don't know Google by now your living under a fucking rock.
I mean, it's GOOGLE bruh.
by yayoshorti56 August 10, 2016
the thing we use everyday
Person 1: How do you blah blah blah?
Person 2: IDK, Google it.
by cake21010 July 21, 2016
Verb. When a computer does the thinking, so the human doesn't have to.
WTF, you stupid GPS! Just fucking google , it's your only job.
by PhaedrusTheGreek July 15, 2016
google is a search engine which is used to watch porn.
dude1: hey dude i just used Google.
dude2: you meen you watched porn,
by martian 101 June 29, 2016
See Skynet.
When Google's pieces of technology such as their Self-Driving cars go insane and turn against humanity, you can kiss our already filthy planet goodbye.
by Boeing777-300 August 25, 2016
What everybody uses. I mean honestly how do you not know what this is. You probably found urban dictionary from google
I use google to find porn
by Eat my shorts m8 May 04, 2016
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