Google is the word , taken from the most popular search engine When you have to say to find anything on net or anybody on net. We tend to use the word google for it.
Popularly used as Google It.
Or Google "Something" Or Google "Anybody"
by Urbane Legend November 02, 2009
The best way to prove you're not lying.
1:Hey did you hear that Aliens invaded Alaska?
2: I will
by epicmastershake November 01, 2009
A mass Search engine, that you can search the letter A to Z and any word that you can think of. It also answers questions. also It does simple math for you. Type in 'one year, six months' and see what happens.
Teacher: Use anything to research this term paper

Student 1: cool Books.
Student 2: your so lame, I'm using google!
by cookie luvr October 17, 2009
A very refined form of evil masquerading as a Web Company.
Google processes over 666 search results every day.
by CopperWhopper67 April 13, 2015
An individual who think, or someone else think, that they are one who knows almost everything there is to know.
She gets straight A's, I bet she is a Google.
by Olaf December 21, 2014
Jesus almost always has the answers, but if he doesnt, Google can answer your request
I asked Jesus for a website to shop for boxer briefs, but he gave me too long of an answer, so I just asked Google
by Water is wet July 07, 2014
A company that wants to be "pressed right up against the creepy line".

A company that believes privacy and copy-write only matter in relation to them and their company.

For example, a journalist dared to use Google to search for information on Eric Shit. The company that published the article, CNET, were Blackballed by Google for a year to teach them a lesson on who is in charge.

They want your data, but do not ever dare to gather data on them.

They also have zero respect for copy-write as they are currently stealing every book in the world, claiming they can do what they want, they also have one of the largest budgets for 'political contributions', funny that.

You-tube is full of copy-write material, but Google, say it is nothing to do with them as they gather ad revenue from other peoples creative work.

Worst company which is praised as a god by morons who think this behaviour is acceptable by a corporation.

Watch the film Idiocracy to see the future Google has in store for you. "Free Stuff!"
Bing these three words; CNET, Blackball, Google!
by Larry 'CreepyLine' Page April 12, 2014

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