a tool for finding resources on the World Wide Web.
Google searches more sites more quickly, delivering the most relevant results on the World Wide Web
Google does not sell placement within the results themselves and no one can buy a particular or higher placement which provides an easy and effective way to find high-quality websites that contain information relevant to your search.

It is the most use search engine in North America to date and with it's global effort is becoming accessible to more people in their native languages and with updates for Google Apps and customizable package of hosted communication and collaboration applications for businesses, schools, and other organizations is quickly becoming a must have item and a house hold name.
"What dose that word mean? I'll just "Google it"
"I'll Google How do to smuggle my way into North-America,"
"I have checked a dozen lyrics sites and googled over and over again"
"Don't get a private investigator, google them and you will find them"
"If you Built Google, they will come"

by C2theE June 12, 2008
the mother of all search engines. use google for EVERYTHING. search anything. especially good for coming up with wikipedia entries. you can even personalise google. brilliant right?
do not type google into google. it will shut down the entire internet.
by annanananannan June 12, 2008
The number one most visited search engine in the U.S.A. and beyond. It has all the information you desire and then some.
If you type something on google.com and no links show up, either what you typed doesn't exist or you need to stop drinking and smoking.
by wwwgownsshopcom November 24, 2007
GOOGLE is shit and is bent on only dominating the fucking world. They track everything you post write and email to anyone. Google should fuck off before doing anything further. IF ANY GOOGLE PERSON SEES THIS I WANT YOU TO TELL YOUR COMPANY TO FUCK OFF AT ALL FUCKING COSTS!
Guy 1: Hey dude wanna use google for info
Guy 2: No fucking way google can suck a dick for all any normal person should think.
Guy 1: Oh well why?
Guy 2: Check the internet they can explain you.
Retarded Guy: Hey whats up here google talk like how good they are!
Guy 2: Dude please fuck off.
Retard Guy: Shit I'm going to listen to Justin Bieber
Guy 1 and 2: Man that guy is a fucking retard and a fucking asshole.
by FUCK YOU GOOGLE April 29, 2012
1)n. The greatest way to waste time if you find yourself in one of the following scenarios:

-you have no friends

-you have friends that you dont want

-your life sucks
2)n. A way to entertain yourself if you are bored. using Google for entertainment purposes works best when you search "google" or "qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm"

3)n. A search engine that provides you with at least 5,000,000
results for your search term, and only 15% of these results will help you find/are what your looking for.

4)n. A waste of humanity.

5)n. An 85% INaccurate/useless search engine named for a number no human is willing to count to.

6)v. To use the above mentioned search engine
1. I just searched "google" on Google!

2.I don't know what a giraffe is. Let me google it.
by eric optimus prime cartman January 12, 2012
When a male or female sticks his/her finger up someones anus and swirls it around.
Let's get freaky girl...
Should I google you?
by DizzySicko December 15, 2010
To look for, to wonder around, to search online,
Hey bro im going to go google that new verizone phone.
by khongsawatwaga March 05, 2009

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