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GOOGLE is shit and is bent on only dominating the fucking world. They track everything you post write and email to anyone. Google should fuck off before doing anything further. IF ANY GOOGLE PERSON SEES THIS I WANT YOU TO TELL YOUR COMPANY TO FUCK OFF AT ALL FUCKING COSTS!
Guy 1: Hey dude wanna use google for info
Guy 2: No fucking way google can suck a dick for all any normal person should think.
Guy 1: Oh well why?
Guy 2: Check the internet they can explain you.
Retarded Guy: Hey whats up here google talk like how good they are!
Guy 2: Dude please fuck off.
Retard Guy: Shit I'm going to listen to Justin Bieber
Guy 1 and 2: Man that guy is a fucking retard and a fucking asshole.
by FUCK YOU GOOGLE April 29, 2012
5 8
1)n. The greatest way to waste time if you find yourself in one of the following scenarios:

-you have no friends

-you have friends that you dont want

-your life sucks
2)n. A way to entertain yourself if you are bored. using Google for entertainment purposes works best when you search "google" or "qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm"

3)n. A search engine that provides you with at least 5,000,000
results for your search term, and only 15% of these results will help you find/are what your looking for.

4)n. A waste of humanity.

5)n. An 85% INaccurate/useless search engine named for a number no human is willing to count to.

6)v. To use the above mentioned search engine
1. I just searched "google" on Google!

2.I don't know what a giraffe is. Let me google it.
by eric optimus prime cartman January 12, 2012
2 5
When a male or female sticks his/her finger up someones anus and swirls it around.
Let's get freaky girl...
Should I google you?
by DizzySicko December 15, 2010
3 6
To look for, to wonder around, to search online,
Hey bro im going to go google that new verizone phone.
by khongsawatwaga March 05, 2009
2 5
The first of a long series of search engine/internet database names that have become verbs. No one in the past told anyone else to go "encyclopedia" something, yet the google phenomenon has been applied to Facebook, Wikipedia, and various other databases. Someday, every means of finding out information will have its own verb, derived from the search engine or database used to look it up (except for Yahoo, that would just sound ridiculous).

Also makes one wonder what would happen if there were a major search engine called "Buttfuck." ("Buttfuck it."/"Buttfuck him."/"Buttfuck Tom Cruise"./"I Buttfucked you yesterday and a picture of a naked clown blowing a horse came up.")
Gertrude: "What's concurrent majoritarianism?"
Bill: "Don't ask me, bitch, fucking google it."

Other forms:

"That douchebag Greg Facebooked me yesterday."

Phil: "Who was that fucking guy from the 2nd Batman movie?"
Ralph: "I don't know, IMDB that shit."

Ted: "What exactly IS a rusty trombone anyway?"
Johnny: "Fuck if I know, Urban Dictionary it."
by Manthan May 07, 2008
6 9
1.The BEST search engine
2.To look for something using the search engine google
3. a one followed by 100 zeros
(#2) I'll google the civil war for you
by Aeon102 May 15, 2004
82 85
this word existed before it became a search engine.the real definition of google is to search for something on the internet period. the word originated because there was no word to describe randomly searching for things(except for surfing) on the internet. so the word google was created to describe searching for shit that u might not have a clue how to spell or not sure but you want to know more shit about. so basically you could for example google something on aol or any other search engine.
yo, i used to google on america online long before there was a search engine called google. the word google simply means to search for something your not entirely sure about on the net. regardless of the search engine used. so the word means more than one thing now adays.
by $nowman'$exy April 05, 2010
1 5