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All the fun of Facebook, minus all the shit.

Unfortunately the one big downside is that people on Google Plus are complete idiots. I'm not joking.

Pretty funny to read though.
Guy 1: Hey are you on Google plus?

Guy 2: Yeah, sucks how stupid people on it are though.
by Chowder183 September 08, 2012
22 46
Google's facebook
google guy: hey add me to your circles in google plus!

random guy: what is that?

google guy: nevermind,,,
by puyol July 09, 2011
131 28
An attempt by Google to create competition against Facebook in the social networking business. Unfortunately, they failed to realize that people are more interested in "stalking" others, rather than "connecting" with them.
Brian: Hey, did you here about this new social networking site called Google Plus?

Dan: Really? That's awesome! Is Tina on it?

Brian: Yeah, but she has privatized her photos to only people within her friends circle.

Dan: Seriously? Fuck Google Plus. It's lame.
by MisterYap August 25, 2011
113 29
A failed attempt of becoming the new Facebook. But now, its the most popular, unwanted social website known to man! Thanks to Google Plus and forcing everyone on YouTube to try it. Facebook got competition now!
Random Guy: Hey you like Google Plus?
Random Guy's Friend: Hell No!
Random Guy: Well screw you! If you want to comment on YouTube now, you need it. Start adding me to your circle so I can stalk you!
by Mr.Itachino December 28, 2013
20 1
The act of checking your GooglePlus stream in hopes of learning new sex ideas and applying them to everyday use.
(Ex-1) The first "GooglePlus" I tried was snailing my wife.

(Ex-2) After doing "GooglePlus" I binged my wife.
by TryTheGooglePlus July 24, 2011
7 27