A pop-punk band from Waldorf, Maryland. First, I'd like to say that they sound NOTHING like Simple Plan. Good Charlotte is a bit rebellious against trends, fame, and war. Sure, they make some of their music sound emo-ish, but they have never whined about their parents like Simple Plan and Linkin Park have.
Good Charlotte are not posers like many think. Like Simple Plan, blink-182, and New Found Glory, their 99.9% poser fanbase, for some reason, put them in the punk category. They even categorize themselves as pop-punk.
Good Charlotte's Joel went out with Hilary Duff, who is more of a poser than Avril. I couln't care less if Hil is a poser. It's just that she's a psychopath and Joel is WAY too good for her.
I'd like to add one more thing...absolutely DO NOT ever compare Good Charlotte with Bowling For Soup, blink-182, SUM 41, or Green Day.
I remember when Good Charlotte had an actual drummer and Joel played guitar.
by I LISTEN 2 EVERYTHING August 22, 2006
a band that used to be great and then became sorta sellouts. but are still alright i guess...
me - anthem by Good Charlotte is the best song ever!
some jerk - dance floor anthem?
me - *kicks in shins* NO!
by punk fish September 24, 2007
the BEST band in the world!!!!!the lead singer Joel Madden+Benji Madden are the most talented and HOTest twins in the world!!!!!!!!!!111
good charlotte writes their own songs they are not possers they write about their own exspenses GC ROX
by elizebeth August 14, 2005
When good Charlotte started they had one honest purpose, to get out of that horrid Maryland house and do so in the honor of their idols before them.
They started very small playing local gigs, but by 2000 the first CD was out and making impressions on poppunk lovers.
The sound Good Charlotte created on the Self Title album was a loud fun crazy band making music simply for the fans & the love they shared of music.
the songs were captivating and everyone who knew them sang them everywhere they were, these were the first, the real, the true fans.
Everyone remembers those first words on the CD,
“yea this song is dedicated to every kid who ever got picked last in gym class”
they were hope for kids everywhere.
Two years later and with a new drummer, it was time for the second CD, “Young and Hopeless”
a title sarcastically based on a soap opera show as just another fuck you to the world that had given them such a hard time.
By CD two Good charlotte had their name out there, they were still reveling in being discovered by many more fans when they started mixing things up by appearing on MTV.
Appearing on MTV however did them more bad then they would ever know, one performance on MTV and they were hooked.
The teenies soon saw this duo and were instantly sure this was the next banwagon to jump on.
Soon the world was overtaken by girls screaming “will you marry me joel” from everywhere proving the new breed of fans was already starting.
CD two was a very different sound than CD one, with much deeper songs but with the same “its okay to be uncool” vibe that everyone loved about them.
However by CD three Good Charlotte had reached a level of disappointment in real fans.
CD three was majorly based around lead singer Joel Madden’s inner battle with self rage and his “incessant anger towards the world”
At this point those kids whom the first CD were dedicated to, were all fading away fast.
Soon enough Joel made a further mistake by deciding to keep secret then announce his illegal relationship with one of teenies fakest gods, Hilary Duff
At this point all seems lost for Good Charlotte
This band is still popular despite the loss of most real or true fans, however they still have fans to play for so they still play.

Good Charlotte is not the band they started as, nor the band that the original fans looked up to as those who showed us it was okay not be the stereotypical teenager in high school
Then shoved it back down fans throats by becoming the stereotypical pop punk band who’s egos soon block the whole reason they started the band
It is a bit ironic they would write a song, Lifestyles of the Rich and famous dissing everything they have become.

At one point in everyone’s life they liked/loved/heard/listened to/admired/thought well of the band Good Charlotte
Though the band may make you throw up in your mouth a little now
You must be truthful in admitting
they made their mark, I mean look we are talking about them now.

teenie girl 1: LIKE OMGEE im gonna marry joel from Good Charlotte and you can be my maid of honor!
::teenie fight::
by yeayeayea. March 10, 2006
a band that makes good music. But became to overplayed and annoying after a year.

There leadsinger appears to be emo, the whole bad is. But that was all blown for them after Joel, started to go out with the bitter talentless hilary duff of pop.
Reporter: Joel is now apparently dating hilary duff. Who's next, Joel?
Joel: I am choosing over britney spears or jojo.
by asfsa August 29, 2005
A really great band.Except for some people think they are in it for the money because they dont read the freaking thank you letters at the end of the lyric books.Everyone who thinks this,U SUCK!!
Good Charlotte??Oh yeah,thats that great punk-rock band.
by RiotGirl24 March 28, 2005
Good Charlotte is the best punk rock band ever!!!!!!!they totally kick ass and if anyone disagrees with that then they dont like punk rock. they're not in it for the money they're in it to play the kind of music they love for them and for their fans.they're awesome!!!
by prestonskater219 August 07, 2005
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