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"a band that rocks! they have come a long way and their songs actually mean something" I totally agree wid it. u all suckers...just cuz u dont like GC dusnt mean u can just insult them. well u knoo what it isnt even your fault. cuz everyone has a diferent taste. its not important 4 every1 2 liek the same thing. but lemme tell u tht just cuz you dont like them dusnt mean it gives u the right to say shit about them. so just shut the f*** up n keep ur crap abt GC 2 urselves. n if u really wanna insult them then go join sum kinda forum in sum kinda gc-hater site, n if u dont find one..keep it 2 urself. and about gaining popularity...they hav released albums 4 ppl 2 listen n like n e other groups who hav made their own music they hav achieved popularity. whts so wrong abt that! if u dont like them dont listen to them..its as simple as that..u dont need to go around sayin they'r posers blah blah blah.they havent ever put n e label 2 themselves..they just being themselves n u hav no right to say anything about their style or anything..cuz i'm sure u wudnt liek it if n e one calls ur style sumthin bad. and as 4 the change in JOEL MADDEN, he is a person too and people change. its as if it never happened 2 u..if he's showing more affection 2wards punk...whts the big deal..their music has the same melody n same gr8 rythms...one last time...IF U DONT LIKE THEM>>DONT LISTEN TO THEIR MUSIC>>SHUT THE F*** UP ND MIND UR OWN BUSINESS..u guys r just riting crap cuz u hav nth else 2 do..so go find sumthing else to do n leave GC alone...i'm sorry 4 using abusive language but those other losers out there, i'm sure wudnt understand n e other language..
Good Charlotte RAWKs>>, many ppl like them, and no matter wht u say they hav achieve popularity n success, n u cant do n w thing abt it!!
by GCrox October 22, 2006

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