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Good Charlotte are no posers!! they never said that they are punk, emo or something like that!! they are themselves!! people always try to make them worse... but they are not!! Good Charlotte have their own style they don't need a fucking lable.. and just cause they are not punk, hardcore, emo or sth like that.. it doesn't mean that they are posers!

i also hate those teens.. that just love the members... and don't care about the music.. but that don't means that the band is worse! it just means that those teens are not true fans and are stupid!!

Good Charlotte rockxxx!!

and just because they are on mtv they don't suck and are not posers!!
if a band is on mtv it means that their music is okay, and it's not so awful that no one listens to it,
it's not bad to be on MTV!!

when do u people understand that??
some (stupid) teens started once to call good charlotte punk and so a lot of other people said.. no they are not punk.. and that's true cause they never called themselves so!
by xxxxxxxxDanaxxxxxxxx July 23, 2006

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