a silly, ridiculous person; a peanut-head
*you never message me
-you're always idle
by d0rk April 19, 2004
Refers to a business or an establishment that has "Gone Out Of Business" or closed down. Abbreviated by the beginning letter of each word. Gone or Going out of business.
"Hey, the record store I love has goob. or I used to go there all the time before it went goob.
by imagewise December 10, 2009
The movement that jello makes when it is shaken.
When the person shook a bowl of green jello, the jello created a goob.
by thepunisher21 June 24, 2009
one who acts immature, stupid, or idiotic usually making a fool out of themself.
a typical name for a goob is brandon
Brandon is a goob
by agardner2007 April 20, 2009
someone very much dear to you
Mark is my goob, the one who makes my life complete!
by claudes October 30, 2007
someone who dribbles from their chin as a child
Have you seen Goob's drool at the ratskaller?
by JoSp123123 May 10, 2009
Someone who does or says something stupid/retarded.
You are such a goob!
by Todd Jahryd Sachs February 13, 2009
Substitute for the word "good", as spoken by someone with a mouthful of food.
"How's that pie, Ogre?" (shrugs) "I'unno - GOOB!!!"
by Viva Vas Deferens July 28, 2008

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