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so cool, has tons of friends, likes the wrong guys, loves to go shopping, smart
Jennah is sooo hot! She's a genius but she acts like a blonde to make life more fun! She's occasionally attracted to the wrong guys...ex: PLAYERS AND ASSHOLES!
by Shesyours!TAKEHER July 07, 2011
78 31
Jennah is a smart and funny girl . She's so sweet and caring . She loves to .laugh and smile . She likes to make other people smile . She always wants to pick people up when they're down . She's got eyes that'll melt you away . They sparkle like the ocean . Once you look into them you'll never want to look away . If your lucky enough to have a Jennah fall in love with you don't let her go . She'll love you unconditionally for the rest of her life .
I met an amazing girl named Jennah.
by adrian cortez November 11, 2013
25 8
the word used for screwing a squirrel
i just jennahed your pet bob. bob's the squirrell
by jkuds February 27, 2008
76 99