the combination of boobs and gut that overhang past the belt buckle on a woman
when a girl wears the shrunken shirt and a pair of pants and the bottom of the goob combo overhangs past the belt buckle area
by ajclements72499 May 15, 2009
Gay noob.
Paul: Ah damn, I lost. Suck me.
Sam: Shaddup you goob!
by GoobIsGayNoob March 25, 2009
A male organ.
Suck my goob.
by Rebika March 21, 2009
A huge pussy.
Michael Yagoobian is a goob because he is afraid of the dark.
by Ali5986 October 15, 2008
teesha larson

her hair
her dog
her smile
wow that person is so goob
by henry lucas August 15, 2008
the smell of burning hair
"oh man who smells like goob!?"
"i just burnt my hair, now it smells of goob in here"
by the skinny pimp July 10, 2008
A way of calling someone stupid in a friendly way.
"Stop being such a goob!"
by Sydney09326 April 03, 2008

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