An extremely low-budget genre of porn in which one person acts as director, actor and cinematographer. First person porn.
Watching a gonzo blow-job is just like being there.
by Mike November 06, 2003
a man who is known to love promiscuous women and spend the majority of their adult lives incarcerated.
Man don't be such a Gonzo.
by billy danny dewitt April 21, 2008
The act of putting the used blue rubber on a girl's nose after she passes out.
After we had sex, she passed out and I gave her the gonzo.
by Dog Fight June 10, 2004
When you're performing sodomy on a partner and your penis accidentally slips out thereby being hammered into the ass cheek and bends up like Gonzo's nose.
I was bangin' out this MILF, see, and my cocus slipped out and gonzoed that hoebag.
by Dr. Gonzo 9 February 11, 2008
1-To be gone, can either be on drugs (usually weed), drunk as fuck.
2-going fast as fuck.
3- a type of porn
4-The blue muppit baby
5-Huge ass nose that looks like the blue muppit baby's
1-Damn that bitch stephany is gonzo, what the fuck she drink?
2-That M5(a fast car) is gonzo.
3-Do you guys like gonzo??
4-Did u guys see gonzo? hes got a huge nose.
5-Look at that big gonzo i wonder if hes ever nose fucked a girl.

by JONES! May 06, 2006
A girl getting stuff from behind.
Tammy recieved gonzo from John last weekend!
by John April 24, 2003

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