During sex, the man craps in the woman's mouth and then urinates into the mouth. Hence, the golden nugget.
After banging my bitch, i pulled out, told her to open her mouth, squeezed out a nugget and then turned around and pissed, creating the golden nugget.
by jd mcnugent February 08, 2007
Top Definition
The First piece of excrement that comes of out after a long constipation allowing the persons bowels to empty.
I was in pain from being constipated for several days and I felt a bubbling sensation in my abdomen. I finally got the golden nugget out and the rest started to flow.
by NorthCalScooter August 06, 2009
A solid and finite feeling peice of excrement that signals the end of the defecation process.
When being urged to release the bathroom to other users: "Hold on, I'm just waiting for the golden nugget"
by Meat_PoPsiclez December 10, 2004
Almost the same as Golden Shower, except the wastes are solid.
Feeling de-sensitized from the novelty of golden showers, Tom paid the hooker extra $20 to grant him a couple of pieces of Golden Nuggets.
by Alan Chan August 10, 2006
Nugget or single Bud of marijuana (usually enough to break up and fit in 1-2 bowls) which is very sticky and covered with alot of little golden or red hairs which give it a sparkling golden appearence. Also Golden Nuggets are higher quality than most other weed.
Have you ever smoked a Golden Nugget?
by GoatMan April 24, 2004
When two or multiple men go camping and have anal sex in the woods using astroglide and mustard as lubricants. The hard pounding and dirty conditions accompanied with mustard produce gold colored shit clumps.
Hey Andy is rounding up some dudes to go camping and looking for "Golden Nuggets".
by Kevin Kent January 22, 2014
something you can call and overweight golden retriever. little balled up gold balls.
sues dog calypso is such a golden nugget

benjis golden nuggets are amazing
by lipson August 12, 2008
The little bits of cheese under your three plus one skin that appear after a while of not washing.
Did you get head last night?
No, I coulda but I was sporting some pretty stankin' golden nuggets!
by Diffo May 22, 2004
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