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The First piece of excrement that comes of out after a long constipation allowing the persons bowels to empty.
I was in pain from being constipated for several days and I felt a bubbling sensation in my abdomen. I finally got the golden nugget out and the rest started to flow.
by NorthCalScooter August 06, 2009
The removal of the fictitious nerve that goes from the back of your eye to your butthole that gives you a shitty outlook on life. a non-elective procedure.
Bob is being a jerk and is always whining about something. He needs an Optorectoneuralectomy .
by NorthCalScooter July 24, 2009
Someone that dresses like a Punk Rocker or hard core at night or on weekends, but only with easily removable and undetectable accessories (i.e. fauxhawk) and usually without piercings or tattoos so that he or she may return to the work place or other group setting without appearing to have a Punk Rock affiliation or be a fan.
Janet said she saw her room mate at a party with a fauxhawk, and a leather studded jacket but parts his hair on the left with his corduroy jacket when he goes out with his choir friends. if he was really punk he would have a Mohawk. must suck to be Part Time Punk Rock.
by NorthCalScooter July 24, 2009
Wiping after going pooh and nothing being on the toilet paper.
After I took a dump and only saw one square of toilet paper left I was worried. It was a clean escape so I didn't need anymore.
by NorthCalScooter July 24, 2009
The act of giving oral pleasure to a female while she is defecating. Opposite of blumpkin
She was horny and needed to take a dump so she asked for a mudpie.
by NorthCalScooter September 01, 2009
Any round of cuts from American Idol or other talent show.
I like to watch the auditions shows from American Idol. Many people think that they can sing, but when they make it to the judges it will be the night of broken dreams.
by northcalscooter February 01, 2010

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