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The sobriquet of English football (soccer) player and fashionmonger David Beckham.
Given to him by his legion of adoring fans and endorsed by his celebrity wife Victoria ...though she is reported to favour the nickname Solidago.
Ferguson, the Manchester United manager, is thought to use yet another name.... presently undisclosed....
"No!! Twerp Head Rooney ...I didn't mean you... I meant Golden Balls Beckham .... Oh sorry Signor Capellet ..sometimes I can't tell my arse from my elbow."

Golden Balls swerved the ball from the free-kick with his usual aplomb,scoring the winning goal for LA Galapagos in the final seconds of the game.
by walterfromedenfield September 10, 2010
The word for testicles from Japanese word kintama.
Oh, my golden balls are shivering.

Lick my golden balls.
by Hannya April 04, 2016
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