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A large sack, comprised mainly of lard and blubber.
Is a total failure at modding forums, and often verbally abuses people when they do not share the same views as he does.
Someone: Hey guys, MGS4 looks pretty good!
Golbez: lol no it dusnt you fagort sony was never good now brb while i play generic rpgs on my sony playstation 2
by Fearmonkey August 02, 2007
Bad ass motherfucker in full plate mail
Golbez(Cecil's Brother)
by Hi My Name Is What? July 17, 2003
golbez is the last of his people the last son of a long forgoten second moon
golbez just killed some dude
by golbez-son of the second moon April 12, 2004
N: A large (over 6' 5") white female that can school you and your mother at basketball.

V: The act of making someone say "What in the Hell?!?!" by any means necessary.
n: Did you see cindy. Holy crap she is one golly of a golbez.

V: Man Cindy just golbezed all up in your sheet.
by Killing_simon August 04, 2005

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