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Llanelli is a small town in south west wales, people from llanelli are also named turks, most people moan about the town but they secretly wouldnt wanna live anywhere else, look past all the heroin smack rats tryin to rob you and you'll find some great people who are truely mental.
We have the greatest rugby team in the land, the scarlets, and receive alot of stick from our jealous neighbours swansea.
llanelli boys are better in bed, better at fighting, better at drinking than anyone else......fact
omg did you just see that boy kick fuck out of the 10 roid head swansea jack cunts then shag all their birds???

yea..... thats a llanelli boy for you
by turktown solja July 27, 2010
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Top class town in South West Wales, where the boys are all handsome, dressed sharply, good dancers, fast on their feet, brilliant in bed and steady in a scrap. The girls like doing the same things just as much. When you meet someone from Llanelli, you'll feel like you've got a best friend for life. NB this does not apply to Jack's, anyone east of Bridgend or west of Carmarthen.
He was so nice to me |I I felt all Llanelli
by Turk Town Topside January 29, 2017
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