tiny dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm black.
nigga that asian has a gobstopper!
by Alexandra April 02, 2005
Top Definition
#1: Another name for jawbreakers.

#2: A candy made by Nestle under their Willy Wonka Candy Company. Made in regular and chewy kinds these candies are more like Dentist Enemy #1 but they're considered by dentists to be Public Enemy #1 because they're more or less made out of pure sugar. They're like crack in edible flavored form and their effects are just about the same.
The first time I had a box of Gobstoppers I started saving up for dentures.
by Sid Barrett August 07, 2007
A punch to the jaw, usually without warning, when a person is trash talking about something that another person may be emotionally attached to.
"Yea I agree with Fred, your mom smells really bad. In fact one time i smelt old-" *Punch/Gobstopper*
by [HERULES] December 29, 2007
when a girl is giving you road head and just before you are about to bust you adjust the stering wheel down stopping her head (gob) from moving making her swallow your load.
um when you are getting road head gob stopper
by pots September 08, 2006
Using your nuts as a couple of gobstoppers
She was sucking my gobstoppers so hard that if they weren't in my sack she would of swallowed them both.
by muffmeister April 16, 2015
as a guy gets ready to blow, a girl caps the pee-hole with her thumb and it spurts out as when opening a champaign bottle. Note: Careful not to cap too hard for fear of rupturing vas-deferens
by Anonymous November 01, 2003
when a girl hold on to then end of your penis to keep you from ejaculating when she is giving hell to you. IT HURTS LIKE HELL
she gave me a gobstopper
by bob January 26, 2005
As an annoying woman (or man) is having a go at you or just on a pointless rant that you don't give a shit about, you grab their head and slam your cock down their throat effectively stopping their gob (mouth)
Bitch "Women don't get any respect for the things they do, they work twice as hard and don't get any credit"
*Man gives bitch a gobstopper*
"that shut her up"
by Locky April 23, 2007
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