A "gobo" is like a hobo. It's a homeless person that is on the move.
"Hey Darnell look at that gobo!"said Keisha. Darnell hangs his head out of the car window and shouts "Ey gobo! Where you goin at?"
by Taylor McGann May 28, 2008
go + hobo. A homeless person who travels, primarily hitch-hikes from city to city. Can be spotted in several different cities periodically, asking for cash or free rides. Occasionally they have an ultimate destination.
Jim: Hey, isn't that the hobo we saw back in Vegas?
Frank: Yeah, if he's so poor, how'd he get all the way here to Reno?
Jim: He's a gobo.
by Glomwill February 09, 2008
A pice of metal lighting equipment that when put into a light creates a pattern on stage
She dropped the gobo (in to the light) and it became an English flag pattern
by The lighting guy #1 April 13, 2009
Erotic pleasure derived from contemplation or admiration of one's own body or self, especially as a fixation on or a regression to an infantile stage of development.
Every time I slap down a teen on a forum, I get a little bit more GOBO each time
by Trog April 10, 2003
Gay + hobo = gobo. A gay hobo.
Lindsay Lohan is a gobo.
by Jormungandr June 23, 2007
A weird fucking guy that adds random people's IRC names to the urban dictionary for no reason.
<gobo> I ha. I am going to sleep
gobo(gobo@*edited*) is now now known as sleepinggobo
<gobo> me = teh clever.
by Arrg! September 09, 2003
1. someone who is a bit of a dork or a dickhead.

2. a character from fraggle rock
gee man your a gobo
by noss December 01, 2003
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