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anything said by karl malone that has any useful information
which is not much.
"don't eat the beanie baby/tomagochi."
"ghosts are spooky but don't bite."
"they call it the bayou because every time it rains you got to bayou a new rug."
by noss February 13, 2004
slang for testicle.
I've got an elephant size tesie.
by noss February 12, 2004
sound of a missed jumper.
your jumper is like bunk.
by noss February 12, 2004
1. someone who is a bit of a dork or a dickhead.

2. a character from fraggle rock
gee man your a gobo
by noss December 01, 2003
a type of wang oragami where the wang is
folded to resemble a hamburger
I woke up with a hamburger.
by noss February 12, 2004
a mexican bus driver who goes oh yeah and is senile.
oh yeah pedro bus bounce mad high.
by noss February 13, 2004

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