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Not unlike the Axis of Evil during World War 2 of Germany and Japan, this term refers to a newer axis of evil, Hillary and Bill Clinton.
Billary attacked the Jewish nation of Israel this morning...
by Glomwill February 04, 2008
Democratic candidate, Barack Obama's real name.
*Hillary Rodded Clinton
*Black Hussein Osama
*John Edwards the one vote wonder

John: Hey, who are you voting for?
Billy: I don't know, probably that dumbass who can't open a door, you?
John: No no no... your thinking of George W. Bush, he isn't running.
Billy: Well, he'd still be better than Black Osama.
John: You're being racist.
Billy: But I'm black too, that's not racism- it's common sense.

by Glomwill January 23, 2008
A pancake mix, similar to Bisquick, except that it is solely consumed by women during their time each month. It is believed to be the source of womankind's bitchiness during this cycle. It is an illicit substance, but completely untracable.
Tom: Hey Jennie! How's it going?
Jennie: Don't give me that "how's it going" crap!!! Your such a fucking ass leave me alone!
Tom: Whoa... did you eat Bitchquick this morning?
by Glomwill January 31, 2008
simply put, granny pubes
Jimmy: Put your legs back together grandma, no one wants to see your silver cotton candy!
by Glomwill February 29, 2008
A type of tuberculosis that you can only catch from the Chicago Bears. It is transmitted by beating the Bears, and causes a team to immediately suck at football.
Jimmy: How the hell did the Packers lose to the Bears twice!?!?
John: They didn't want to catch tubearculosis.
Jimmy: You mean tuberculosis?
John: NO! TuBEARculosis.
Jimmy: Ohhhh....
by Glomwill March 03, 2008
The offspring of a black Jew and a white gigilo.
James: Ha ha! Look at Adam, what a chocolate chip cracker!
by Glomwill April 23, 2008
The state of a woman's vagina when extremely horny. She will become "wet", and her vagina will begin to moisten and bulge outwards.
Jimmy: Whoa! That chick has a huge bulgina!
John: Yeah, that means she's horny enough to screw anybody, even a fatass like you!
by Glomwill March 01, 2008

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