GOB stands for "Good Ole' Boys" and is commonly a reference to any white trash, specifically that lives in the country (also see hillbilly or hick)

The G.O.B. is also a street gang centered in Hudson, Ohio. The GOB often fueds with the CMC and the South Side Tear Drop Set (SS TDS) in Hudson. It is believed that "Dirty Dennis" may have been the creator and leader of the GOB in Hudson before his arrest and departure from the state.
If you're going near the skatepark in Hudson, watch out for the GOB.
by Hudson SS TDS O.G. August 13, 2008
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Mouth (Scottish).
''Shut yer gob fannybawz''
by Brendan April 05, 2003
A term inspired by the US comedy series Arrested Development. It refers to one of the show's central characters, 'GOB', an arrogant, shameless, self promoting showman.

In real world terms, "a GOB" is someone who displays the same classless showmanship, such as the lead singer of a pub covers band who thinks he's the greatest thing since Barry White but can't sing to save himself, or a standup commedian who obviously thinks his material is great, when in reality it stinks. Badly.
Me: This is the worst band I've ever seen.
Kate: Yeah, the lead singer's a freakin' GOB.
by Jimmehh September 14, 2005
of Irish origin.
Word in the Irish language.
In Irish (Gaeilge)gob, meaning beak
transfered as slang in English as mouth
"shut your gob!" ("shut your mouth!")
by EI March 02, 2005
A gob is a double dipped frozen banana with everything on it. It requires two sticks to support the extra chocolate and nuts.
Gob: Give me a gob.
Gob: No, I didn't mean for you to yell my name at me. Its what I call a double dipped banana with everything on it.
by imoscardotcom January 03, 2008
To make a huge mistake and in realizing the err of your ways, say "I've made a huge mistake" in a very serious and theatrical way.
Gob: "I've made a huge mistake."
by The boys at Nottingham December 04, 2006
verb; to make a an error or mistake, particularly of a great magnitude. Attributed to the character Gob played by Will Arnett on TV's Arrested Development, who has a tendency to make such errors, followed by his catch-phrase, "I've made a huge mistake."
"I heard you forgot about and missed your uncle's wedding."
"Yeah, I totally gobed there."
by DackAttac April 08, 2005
in the early years of u.k. punk to show appreciation for a band the audience would spit on them. this is called gobbing. i think it also carried over into hip-hop culture over seas but ice-t didn't like getting spit on very much so they were forced to kill the trend.
"hey, stop gobbing on me! i'm not british, you bloody assholes! i'm a folk artist!"
by adrian mills February 05, 2004
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