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The action of taking a crap, shit or piss in a place where there are no proper facilities, such as a toilet or tissue paper. It is usually urgent, when there is no time to seek out better accomodations. Sometimes it is uncontrollable, which makes for a better story to your friends at cocktail parties.
1) I made a mistake of eating a box of prunes before I went Mountain Biking. I had to "go caveman" in the woods with leaves and bark.

2) Man did we drink too much last night after work! I had to "go caveman" in the subway.

3) There was no paper in the outhouse; I had to wipe my ass with my underpants and left them in the garbage can.
by TheFlashSimiValley September 16, 2009
the act of being so pissed off that you lose your shit and act like a caveman
to go caveman:joey had enough of derek and finally went caveman one night.he slammed his head in a car door,head butted him like 20 times on the ground then bit his cheek
by capt. caveman April 19, 2010

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