combination of geek and nerd, or gamer and nerd. Can be used to describe people who excessively game and live life on the computer.
The g'nerds down at the game store are having a three day magic the gathering tourney.
by andy hollister September 23, 2005
Top Definition
A New Form Of Nerd, As Seen In G4Tech TV's E3 2005. The Gnerd Is a Fusion From A Geek And A Nerd. The Gnerd Is Driven By It's Need for E3 Shwag. Thus Creating A More Annoying Quite Kid In the Back of the Class.
"For Christs Sake GNerd"
"The GNerd Moves in Packs, collecting as much Shwag As possible"
by DATA2.0 May 21, 2005
A rare and often elusive gay nerd. They love comic books, comic book heroes, Star Trek, Star Wars and fracking Battle Star Galactica. They can also be found at Renaissance Festivals wearing poets blouses and looking for their Lancelot. Don't be fooled by their geekiness, they can still be bitches.
I didn't know he was such a gnerd until he started drooling over Richard on "Legend of the Seeker".
by notagnerd April 20, 2010
A gangster nerd. Both cool and smart. Also a hacker.
Ricky got straights A's and kicked Jake's ass, Ricky's such a G-nerd.
by Frogg73 April 22, 2016
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