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A gay or lesbian individual who would also be described as a "nerd". This type of character is said to be rare, yet not as rare to find as a "cute gay nerd", which is of course an attractive gay nerd.

The term " gay nerd" is not to be confused with pocket gay, though they often share similar characteristics.
1. Mikey loves to read books and listen to podcasts about science and technology...he's such a gay nerd.

2. Though he wears glasses, neckties, and is always reading a book, Jack does have a sculpted face and chiseled abs. He's the ultimate cute gay nerd.
by mikeyindaburg April 06, 2008
Gay, but also a Nerd.
I thought Richard was just a nerd, then I realized he's a gaynerd!
by ak1n0 March 21, 2011
A fruity male. He is gay and a nerd.
Adam is such a gaynerd.
by Tess May 12, 2004

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