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An impressive trick. If you succeed in performing a Lancelot trick, you become King Arthur.
elephant: whoa, that was Lancelot!
budgie: yeah, now I'm King Arthur
by inakicacaman September 30, 2012
A mistaken reference for anything that happens to resemble actor Sean Connery.
Person 1: Oh! A west highland terrier! Look at his white beard! Let's call him Lancelot!

Person 2: Why?

Person 1: Because he looks like Sean Connery!

Person 2: ...but didn't Sean Connery play Arthur?

Person 1: ...Shut up
by WelcomeToYourVice June 03, 2009
Lancelot > Mancelot > Manslut

A man who acts like a slut.
He's down in the pub acting a righteous
sir Lancelot.
by Mr. Soul July 30, 2008
an girl emo, a sad (unhappy) person
Person 1 : Look at her!
Person 2: Yeah, she's got a tough of lancelot about her!
by Hevz February 05, 2007
one who refrains from bathing for long periods of time. this term is generally used for someone you despise and wish death upon.
Lancelot is a JERK and he smells like butt.
by delmur December 03, 2003
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