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A New Form Of Nerd, As Seen In G4Tech TV's E3 2005. The Gnerd Is a Fusion From A Geek And A Nerd. The Gnerd Is Driven By It's Need for E3 Shwag. Thus Creating A More Annoying Quite Kid In the Back of the Class.
"For Christs Sake GNerd"
"The GNerd Moves in Packs, collecting as much Shwag As possible"
by DATA2.0 May 21, 2005
A Term Used in Such Wasys as: Known As A Rather Tech minded Person, Going the Extra Yard To Show Off His Skills And Prove the Other Tech Minded n00bs Who realy Has t3h skill. Often Using Large Ammounts of L33t In His Spelling.
"Sup DATA You Gots Duh stuff?
"Is there any Program A Gnerd Can't Crack?"
by DATA2.0 May 21, 2005

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